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Intimate 8-room boutique hotel nestled in the heart of downtown Raleigh
Photo Credit: Miller Taylor

Photo Credit: Miller Taylor

Our Story

Before we dive into our story… Walter Magazine featured Guest House as their October 2018 cover article! They captured our tale amazingly well, check it out!: “Guest House: Home-Style Hotel.”

Guest House started its life as a home for Arthur and Annie Gorham in the 1880’s in the Prince Hall Historic District of downtown Raleigh. He was Raleigh’s first African American mailman and she was a teacher. Their daughter Addie lived in the home all her life. She was a teacher and a musician, and through the years she hosted many Shaw University students, including Vivian Irene Lane, a beloved “adopted” daughter who inherited the home.

In February 2016, we (Matt and Nicole) toured the Folk Victorian house that was threatened to be demolished to make way for a new development. With our joint skills in design, city planning, and architecture, we drafted a proposal to turn it into Raleigh’s first boutique hotel. The first huge milestone was relocating the house 6 blocks, right through downtown Raleigh. We passed the hurdles of designing, permitting, and financing one patient step at a time, and dove into the restoration, construction, and interior design of our first team project.

Along the way we collaborated with friends and local makers, to create a space for the community, by the community. We captured the entire process through Instagram as a way to first share with family, close friends, and then all of Raleigh as Guest House continued to grow support.

And here we are, finally opening our doors in Fall 2018! We cannot wait to welcome you in as our guests!


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